We are a couple of artists who like to team up to create. Has we work we like to wander into a large spectrum of creative art, from logo design, products design, spaces decoration, to art installations. We work for clients and for personal project, but in any case we put all of our self into our work. For us it dosen’t get more exiting than to have a new creative project and to bring it to completion.




This is the first step of an project we have for some time now. The original idea is to have sea animals going in a journey out of their comfort zone to see the world. We wanted to start with a 2.5m high whale in a wheat field. After a while we realized that it would be much more easy to start smaller, so we cut and painted some cart board and went for a walk on a mountain to have make some test shots. It’s not the good time of the day nor the good location, but it help to see what are the parameters we need to take account for the next shots.